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Who are we?

Well, we're the folks authorized by Pali Hawaii to offer you the real deal. The ORIGINALS. The Pali Hawaii stamped & approved footwear coveted by all you huge Pali Hawaii fans.

We're located in Honolulu, hang with Pali Hawaii & have sweet hook-ups to the newest & coolest styles.

We've got your back & definitely won't hook you up with knock-offs or cheap imitations.

So if you want the real thing, the OG Hawaiian Jesus Sandals first designed by Pali Hawaii, or you're all about spoiling yourself with quality...  Then Friend, you're at the right place.

Aloha & Welcome to oFlop 😎

Sandals We Love

Introducing the authentic Hawaiian Jesus Sandals, designed and crafted by Pali Hawaii. These iconic Jandals are the original ones that started it all. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, they offer the perfect fit and style for both adults and kids. Slip into the ultimate comfort and embrace the timeless charm of these beloved sandals. Whether you're strolling along the beach or enjoying a casual day out, the original Pali Hawaii Jesus Sandals are the perfect choice for effortless style and comfort. Experience the true essence of Hawaiian footwear with Pali Hawaii's authentic Jandals.